Masi Conditioners is a made in Italy company born in 2001 thanks to Stefano Masi and his wife Paola’s idea. Today is a DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified company, with a highly specialized R&D department and a working group organized in processes, able to manage both large series productions and small batches. The CE mark on products is a further and important added value that regulates the entire cycle, from its realization to market entry of every single component.
The execution of the projects is organized according to procedures that are managed quickly in order to provide fast answers to the Customer. Thanks also to the synergy between Technical Office and Prototyping Department, the opening of the project is organized in a very short time to verify the feasibility of the product required and the realization of first samplings, prototypes or pre-series. Thanks to the experience and the support provided by the technical and commercial departments, the company can give all the assistance necessary to realize the product, evaluate its application, also carrying out specific technical and economical feasibility analysis, in order to propose the best solution, realizing comfortable, functional and design kit.
Trained and professional figures, specific contact people for each sector, DG, purchasing, sales, export, technical office, research and development, production, logistic, quality in order to ensure continuity to the Customer and build long-lasting trusting and collaborative relationship.
The OEM line for agricultural, industrial and special vehicles is focused on the research and development of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) for operating machines through processes organized to satisfy the Costumer’s requests. The company has a wide range of solutions for air-conditioning units on operating machines, the modularity of the systems available provides wide design flexibility which, togetherwith high performances and absolute respect of the sector quality standards, make Masi Conditioners a reliable and attentive partner.
For the after market, Masi Conditioners offers high[1]quality products to all users, ensurs a rapid and complete response to the requests of the Dealers who are constantly updated on each new production and guarantees availability even for older machines also without air conditioning. Immediate availability of air conditioning kits, air conditioners and heaters for all operating machines and forklifts on the market.
Quality control specific processes. Fundamental steps in order to ensure the best result and fulfil the expectations.
The constant research for new technological solutions, listening carefully to the different issues, a business strategy that anticipates the needs of a changing market, with the only goal to meet the Customer’s need, make

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