MATEC specializes in the design and development of waste water purification and filtration plants, sand washing and crushing screening plants. We work for many different industries, the most important are: mining, aggregates, gravel, sand, stone, ceramics and glass. Our mission is the customer’s satisfaction. That is why we offer timely after-sale service, as well as before-sale advice to understand the real requirements of our potential customers.

We have installed over 4000 wastewater purification plants all across the world, 500 in the last two years:

this is the real guarantee of our production and quality service.

Our group is a big family: 

Matec machinery technology for filter presses

Matec Steelworks for Engineering

Matec Washing for washing&screening plants

Maxtec for crushing mobile units

Alfa Pompe for every kind of pump (vertical, submersible, horizontal, centrifugal and more)

Matec Corporation for spare parts of every kind

Elettromatec for plants automation.

MATEC new plants are based in Massa, in the very heart of a wide industrial zone, also known as Apuana. A well-equipped reality that can cope with all the needs of the worldwide purification market, thanks to a simple but effective organization. All the machines are built in our plants. Thus, we can offer top-quality products ‘Made in Italy’, which will fulfill the most demanding applications and markets.

The company mission can be summed up in a few words: “Creating value through the supply of cutting edge products and services for Customer’s greatest satisfaction and respecting mankind and environment.”
The need of constantly keeping high both service level and operational skills offered by MATEC can be translated into a strong integration between Customer’s needs and the daily comparison to the evolution of reference markets.
Clarity about a project feasibility always goes together with studying in depth customer’s real needs. That is to say creating plants which satisfy Customers’ needs, comply with regulations and guarantee long term reliability and safety at the same time.


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