Mud is Mood is an Italian brand of ceramic home accessories originating from Umbria, the green heart of Italy. It strives to combine local craftsmanship with contemporary design, forming an authentic and recognizable product. Our mission is to create unique products in a simple and minimal design to make the ordinary extraordinary through care and passion. Mud is Mood is deeply rooted in Umbria, thanks to the use of traditional techniques and local artisanal masters.
Clay is a primordial formless cluster that slowly comes to life and becomes a creative mould, Mud is Mood finds its  inspiration from the land in which it originates, which in turn creates emotions and influences our mood.
The study of shape is where Mud is Mood inspiration and creativity sparks: each product must entice curiosity in people, which is why all the collections are made of playful, modular, multifunctional, and customizable objects. The final result are linear and elegant products with a functional soul.
Mud is Mood home accessories are made with the best ceramic materials. We love to use thinness and heavy-duty stoneware porcelain to create a unique, handmade ceramic design that will last a lifetime.
In addition to the ceramic product also the colors are designed and made directly by us starting from individual pigments, creating unique and special colors.
Mud is Mood products are handmade in small batches and within a time frame agreed with the client. The main advantage of artisanal production is the possibility to offer customizable or tailor-made products too.

Mud is Mood storytelling

Designer and co-founder of Mud is Mood, Cristina Daminato has a background in both architecture and interior design. She draws her inspiration from the harmonious interaction between shapes, colors, and human moods.
“What fascinated me the most of clay is its moldable and primordial nature and the possibility of developing infinite shapes.”
Later on her Master’s Degree in architecture, she collaborated with Castiglia Associati, an industrial design studio, where she developed living, kitchen, and bath furnishing systems for national and international companies.
After having worked alongside international artist and clay technologist Nicola Boccini, Cristina started working with clay, developed the first ceramic collections, and decided to create with her husband Valerio the Mud is Mood project.
Established in 2016 by Cristina Daminato and Valerio Sirchia, the Mud is Mood brand encompasses a colorful and continuously growing collection of home accessories. Each product is created in small batches and entirely by hand.


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