The brand Doria was founded by Sabino D’Oria in 1905, product of the precious work in a sartorial laboratory situated in the middle of the city of Maglie, in the heart of Salento. The business expanded quickly thanks to the specialized production of hats, which was done according to the typical manufacture in the area that made Maglie the center of the best district in the Italian industry of caps. 

The company soon became unique due to the continuous effort in producing its handmade high quality hats, with constant attention to the care of the details, the styles, and the trends of the moment. These distinct elements of the company allowed it and its brand to differentiate themselves and to create their own specific identity. 

The fundamental principle and interconnecting factor of the Doria 1905 collections was identified in the continuous research of a balanced synthesis between tradition and innovation. The company was looking for the consolidation of the study of the archives and the valorization of the sartorial work to be coordinated with the study of the most recent trends and the application of innovative production’s techniques. 

It was about a project in constant evolution and improvement, whose hats are not simple headgears anymore, but precious accessories, products of passion, ability, effort, dedition, culture, and research. 

Today the company has a staff made of a business department, a Style section, 30 specialized employees and a Lab. entirely dedicated to the prototype for the brand Doria 1905 and for private label clients. 

The company vision is to guide the brand Doria 1905 and its values towards a journey of growth and affirmation in the international market, with the final goal of amplifying its own target looking towards new generations, to which it proposes headpieces that are more modern, trending and personalized accessories. 

The Mission with which the direction proposes to reach its goal is represented by the continuous evolution of the product, accompanied by the optimization of the productive efficiency and the “omnichannel” sales effectiveness. GRUPPO 1 – 14/03


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