Who we are

Nifra s.n.c.was founded in 1990 in Barletta (BT), Apulia, which is known as the Italian district of tailoring and knitwear par excellence. Barletta is one of the major powers of Made in Italy, a brand that seeks to combine excellent technique and production with a strong sense of tradition.

What we do

Nifra is engaged in the production of both women’s and men’s wear, and it produces a variety of collections and ‘fast fashion’ for a number of different markets –including a cross-distribution platform that covers both small and mass retail markets –that differ in terms of price and quality.


We are constantly striving to be the best, engaging in all the areas of strategic importance for the Company.

We constantly improve the quality of our product, learning from both our successes and our mistakes.

The Nifra Trademarks and People are at the core of our success.

We work with passion, building excellent relationships with everyone who contributes to the realization of our corporate mission, external and internal stakeholders (customers, suppliers and employees).

Our team

We create garments that enhance the natural beauty of every woman and man through a refined, glamorous style, open to personal interpretations. “We believe it is extremely important to ensure a renewed and ever-present range of unique garments and accessories that can reveal the steady inclination towards research and quality.

Behind the design and implementation of each garment there is a cohesive, dynamic and ambitious team that looks forward to the future with determination and intuition, but above all with the desire to convey the natural taste for beautiful things.

We try to win customers and end consumers with the beauty and quality of our products. The entire Made in Italy process is a competitive advantage that distinguishes us from our competitors


Our project, born out of a pragmatic and concrete entrepreneurial vision, sincerely invades its roots in the soundness of Puglia’s and Italian experience and know-how. For this reason, we remain faithful to our most authentic tradition, to an Italian Style that becomes an expression of elegance and reliability, class and seduction: all of this represents an indispensable value for us, symbol and goal of our work.

For corporate tradition and capacity of the manufacturing district, we mainly work on the following fabrics: jersey, cotton and sweatshirt

Brands & distribution

The productions are distributed on trademarks, licensed labels, private labels, and collaborations with national and internationally important groups. Different brands are distributed in Italy and abroad through different commercial and distributive networks.

We sell medium / high -high retailers through agents and large distribution centers.

The main markets are Italian, European (Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Macedonia, Bulgaria), Russian, Ukrainian and Japa.

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