The Producers Association , OP La Maggiolina is a company that operates in organic farming and in the production of 1st range packaged salads (1st range ie packaged and unwashed).

Maggiolina is made up of seventeen associated producers in three different regions of Italy: Lombardy, Campania and Veneto. Thanks to our fields in Eboli (Salerno), in the Piana del Sele, we are able to guarantee maximum production continuity throughout the year. Our agricultural lands are extended, for a total of 320 hectares, of which 200 are organic.

We deliver throughout Europe and our commitment to organic farming is recognized. Our products are mainly shipped to the international market and are ordered in the following countries: Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Denmark, Norway, Austria and the United Kingdom. Every day our vegetables can be spotted on the shelves of the main European distribution chains, which means they must be able to meet the highest standards in terms of food safety, process and product quality.

The goup OP La Maggiolina in fact focuses on the quality of its products and production processes, which is guaranteed by the various certifications obtained over time. The packaging sites are in fact certified according to IFS and BRC, Naturland, Chain of Custody standards and follow the guidelines established in the Organic Management Scheme, n.848. The farms that are part of this group all produce and cultivate according to the Global Gap standard; most of the farms also operate according to the Organic Management Scheme, 848; in addition to these certifications also Field to Fork, Tesco Nurture and Naturland.

The packaged product is sold in standard trays or bags with different weights, the company is always ready to meet the different needs of customers both in terms of new products and in terms of new materials of packaging.

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