Tuttocapsule is the first Italian chain of coffee capsules shops. The first shop was opened in 2013 and in 2014 Tuttocapsule was born from the coming together of passionate people who have been working in the world of coffee for more than 20 years.

Since then, the number of shops has never stopped increasing, in Italy and abroad: we are now present in more than 150 locations worldwide.

We offer a selection of products chosen from the more than 800 Italian roasteries, to give the customers only the best of Made in Italy. Among our more than 1100 products, you can find all kinds of coffee: beans, ground roasted, pods and capsules for all the main systems, from 100% Arabica to all kind of balanced Robusta blends, not to mention all complementary products such as teas, infusions, ginseng, chocolate, iced drinks and much more can be found, all of this takes the space of a single capsule

Our product offer includes coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso and Dolce Gusto machines, as well as many other systems.

Our aim is to offer the best tasting experience for each break moment of the day, from the morning coffee to the indulgence after dinner. That is the focus of our own brand, Pagliero.

Pagliero is focused on:

SELECTION: we constantly research and select the best blends for our coffee

VARIETY: More than 100 different products, available for every system

SUSTAINABILITY: our effort is to make environmental and social sustainable choices

EXCLUSIVITY: The brand is exclusively distributed in Tuttocapsule stores or to dedicated markets.

We are not looking for clients, but for partners who are willing to share and bring our philosophy to new markets. Our experience as direct owners of coffee capsules shops is what makes us uniquely qualified to support our franchisees with the right instruments for creating a solid business and continuous growth.

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