PROVER Srl designs and manufactures quality thermoplastic moulds and provides the service of moulding plastic articles since 1988.

Prover is a company highly organized and certified UNI EN ISO 9001. Operates on a surface property of 3,000 square meters. The production unit is composed from the tooling department, in which they are made molds, and from the molding department in which there is a modern Arburg machine park that manages the molding production of plastic items for the customers.

Flagship of the company is the technique design area in which the pre-production operations and the design assistance are performed at the highest quality standard: design, engineering and rapid prototyping.

The heart of Prover is the tooling department in which the moulds are built. The precision in the construction phase is granted by the preparation of qualified technicians and a cutting-edge machine tool base constantly mantained and composed by numeric-control cutters, adjustments CNC, CNC lathe, electro-erosion machines.

Prover provides a series moulding service for plastic parts with some technologies: mono-material, twin-Colored, Bi-Material, Nitrogen gas injection and Liquid Silicone Rubber. A special treatment of the raw material comes first in the moulding cycle. Prover uses a wide range of plastics: from classic polyolefin resins to the latest generation materials. The periodic testing on samples assures the quality of the process. At the end of the production cycle, the validation of the product is granted by an accurate testing and of the following packaging. The management of finished plastic articles is done by a storage joined by the service of “open order” to facilitate the internal management of the job. The machine tool base is composed by Arburg presses, with a range of capacities from 20 to 400 tons, which provide exceptional quality.

Every day and for more than 30 years, PROVER puts the customer at the center of its work and strives to continually be in step with the times in order to ensure its market presence and a constant competitivity.

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