From the peaceful valleys lying on the slopes of Monviso, where Nature dictates the rhythms, scents and colours of a hard-working and fruitful life, crops and orchards have been growing for more than thirty years, yielding delicacies both large and small, juicy and crunchy, for ice-cream makers and pastry chefs all over the world.
The wisdom of those who know how to listen to Nature reaches beyond the borders of Piedmont, like a gentle breeze that gains strength and steadiness as it finds beauty in the ripening of every kind of fruit, captured in a precious frozen moment.
Today, Rogelfrut is able to offer its customers a product that has revolutionised the concept of freshness, capable of overcoming the time constraints of the seasons, wonderfully captured in an instant by the innovative use of IQF freezing techniques.
In the fullest sense of their aromatic and organoleptic qualities, individual fruits, slices, cubes, purees, and juices offer an opportunity in the various products proposed by Rogelfrut for pastry, ice-cream and catering professionals to experiment and evolve without forgetting the cornerstones of traditional and consolidated processing.
Rogelfrut products are ready to use, thanks to a precious ingredient: cold, which does not contaminate the fruit raw material but preserves all its characteristics. Therefore, professionals will be able to enjoy all the goodness and beauty of Nature, something Rogelfrut also values in terms of sustainability and the low environmental impact of its production facilities.
Protection of the environment, as well as consumer health, thanks to BRC – Global Standard for Food Safety, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 -, the American FDA – Food & Drug Administration, and Kosher certifications, which allow the company to reach professionals all over the world from Piedmont.
Rogelfrut returns to its valleys in the Cuneo area with the awareness that the world of fruit can be told in a new way through the contribution of professionals who know how to think beyond the everyday, rediscovering the pleasure of delicious creations that will win over all palates with each taste.

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