RCS Laccati speciali is the Italian company that specialized in cabinet doors and panels for furniture and kitchens in special lacquered, matt, and brushed gloss finishes. Actually, RCS works with the main Italian luxury and high furniture brands.

Since 1959 it has been producing semi-finished products for the furniture sector without restrictions on quantity and size.

The doors are supplied and ready to be drilled and mounted on the cabinet or on the wall. The customer can request the creation of doors even for a single kitchen or cabinet.

RCS Laccati today can be defined as an industry with an artisan heart based on the close relationship with the customer and respect for the quality of the raw material, cornerstones of company values.

RCS Laccati is able to monitor the entire series of production steps ranging from the raw panel to the application of the finish.

The historical product is the 100 high gloss brushed gloss. Over the years, continuous experimentation has allowed developing the flagship of special lacquered finishes that have allowed us to satisfy the requests of architects, carpenters, and industry. of furniture from all over the world.

The various processes are all carried out internally from the cutting of the MDF panel to the edging, from painting to quality control. To improve the quality of its products, RCS makes use of an in-house approved laboratory, where the application cycles and the composition of the paints are tested. Thanks to this it is possible to continuously offer innovative products without the risk of providing non-compliant finishes to the final customer.

The strong point is the replicability of the special finishes, as every single finish is cataloged with the individual application steps and the correct quantities of paint to be applied to replicate the finishes in series, despite the fact that it is a Made in Italy artisan product.

In addition to the manual skill of the decorators, RCS currently has 3 dedicated lacquer machines for the realization of finishes even in the machine and to satisfy any requests for large square meters. Every single piece is finished manually thanks to applying techniques that have been consolidated for years which makes the RCS product one of the most requested in the luxury high-hand made in the Italian furniture market.

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