The Rico Coffee was founded in 1973, thanks to the friendship and the experience of the two founders, Ruggiero Dicorato and Riccardo Leonetti. Their story has been full of sacrifices and lessons learned in the field. They started working as technicians for Espresso coffee machines. During these years they learned a lot about coffee world. Hence, they decided to create Rico Caffè and start selling coffee as distributors for others coffee companies. Finally, in 2015 after the entry of the second generation, their sons, Rico Caffè becomes a roastery specialized in coffee blends for Italian Espresso. Rico Caffè is the perfect union between the experience and the perseverance of the founders and the studies, researches and enthusiasm of the second generation. Each one has his role inside the company based on his studies and experience so that Rico Caffè is perfectly organized from all the points of view. Our coffee is roasted to get the best taste from the coffee origins we use in our blends and to give stability to the products. It means keeping the same quality of the raw coffee we buy, roast it in a standard and replicable way thanks to the technology of our plant so that, each blend will always have the same taste batch after batch. Today Rico Caffè is well known as quality synonym in his region and offers to his customers a full experience from coffee to technical support, maintenance and training classes about coffee and Latte art. Rico Caffè mission is now fully engaged in bringing the same level of service and product abroad. Be part of our family!




Export Manager Giuseppina Bruno


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