S.E.A. S.p.A. Company Profile:

SEA devoted itself to electricity since 1959 consolidating its brand as leading in this field.

SEA has become synonymous of technology, reliability, safety and service thanks to our managers, to the creativity and experience of our designers, to technicians’ steady updating, to continuous investment in research and development derived by a strong motivation to constant improvement. A trademark which renovates itself with trading seriousness and reliability for a steady evolution within tradition.

SEA believes in constant improvement which creates adding value to our products.

Quality is achieved by processes which are continuously refined, combining years of experience with the most modern production technologies. The purpose is the improvement of quality of life, trying to satisfy the needs of the people that are working with us.

The constant research aimed at improving efficiency merges with the commitment to minimize environmental impact; this is another essential issue on which SEA focused its corporate policy.

All the previous concepts are merged into our company slogan (VISION):

Technology, Reliability, Safety TRANSFORMING THE FUTURE


The products available in our Portfolio are single-phase & three-phase liquid immersed or dry cast resin and air insulated Nomex transformers, amorphous & high efficiency transformers, reactors and coils with different powers, cooling and not standard executions.

A range of high quality expertise addressed to any kind of customer: from utilities to OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer), from EPC’s

needs (Engineering Procurement and Construction) to standard distribution purposes field. The main categories are the following:

  • Liquid immersed transformers: oil distribution and power transformers up to 245 kV:
    • TTO: small and medium distribution transformers with rating power from 25 kVA up to 30 MVA.

Hermetic with integral filling, https://italianyellowdirectoryinthegulf.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/1_Company-Profile-SEA-SpA.pdfwith conservator and hermetic with nitrogen / dry air cushion or expandable radiators are the construction types available.

    • OTN: power transformers with rating power up to 180 MVA.
    • OTR: rectifier and converter transformers suitable for industrial applications.
    • OTF: furnace transformers with rating power up to 120 MVA.
  • Dry type transformers: cast resin or open wound air insulated transformers:
    • TTR: cast resin transformers with rating power up to 30 MVA.
    • TTH: air insulated transformers with rating power up to 25 MVA.
  • Reactors and coils: three-phases or single-phase reactor:
    • Petersen coils regulated by steps (with no load tap changer).
    • Petersen coils stepless (regulated by motordrive).
    • Shunt reactors (fixed and variable type).
    • Earthing transformers (neutral couplers).
    • Series reactors (current limiting reactors, neutral earthing reactors).
    • Reactors for special applications (filter tuning, damping, smoothing, furnace, harmonic filtering and power factor correction reactors).
  • Special equipments: for any type of electrical purpose, from magnetizing to testing
  • Services: refurbishment, testing, maintenance, analysis, rental, commissioning, spare parts, voltage quality analyzer, impact recorder

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SEA transformers have been installed in more than 65 Countries alla round the world. The main fields of application are the following:

A – Power generation and transmission: from non-rewable energy sources like, nuclear, steam & cogeneration plants to renewable energy sources like hydropower, solar, wind farm, biomass & biogass,geothermal and waste plants.

Different types of transformers are used inside these plants, from step-up applications to auxiliary transformers suitable to provide energy to the inner plant facilities.

B – Electrical substations: transmission, primary, collector and mobile substations.

SEA produces HV/MV, MV/MV, MV/LV transformers, both liquid immersed and dry type used all the previous substation types.

C – Power distribution and industry:

    • Traction sector like metro, rails and trains.

SEA can offer traction and railway transformers both power and converter type.

    • Marine sector like cruise liners, vessels, LNG carriers where converter and distribution transformers can be used.

SEA has experience also in the obtaining of the certifications required in this specific sector (BV, DNV, RINA, ABS, LR, etc…)

    • Oil & gas sector like refineries, off-shore and on-shore applications that used transformers to supply energy to their internal system needs. Transformers are used for distribution and services like compressors, motors and drilling machines and for drives and converters of pumps or compressors.
    • Mining & cement sector like tunnel building machines, mineral and open pit mines applications. Transformers are used for feeding up electric drill, lightings, conveyors or are installed on board the machines.

Liquid filled or protected dry type transformers are designed with reinforced structure to withstand high vibrations and rolling effects and to avoid tank or accessories accidental damages

Transformers are used for power distribution, fans, mills, conveyors and ovens.

    • Industry & metal sectors.

OTF furnace transformers and OTR rectifier and converter transformers are mainly used in this kind of applications.

D – Special environments:

Products suitable for extreme temperatures, aggressive environments, seismic conditions and vibrations, heights above 1000 m.

S.E.A. S.p.A. Headquarters and Facilities in Italy:


Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 14 36071 Tezze di Arzignano (VI) Italy

Liquid immersed distribution transformers factory:

Via Luigi Galvani, 8

36071 Tezze di Arzignano (VI) Italy

Liquid immersed power transformers factory:

Via Luigi Galvani, 8

36071 Tezze di Arzignano (VI) Italy

Dry type transformers factory:

Via San Marco, 6

36075 Montecchio Maggiore (VI) Italy

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