Paolo and Michela Manestrini are the owners of a delightful estate in southwest Lake Garda: real EVO country! The district’s Mediterranean climate, tempered by the lake waters, means olive trees flourish naturally and produce a delicate, very balanced oil. The estate is located on the San Rocco hillside, about 250 metres above sea level.

San Rocco Oleum was founded thanks to Paolo and Michela’s commitment to making the most of their estate’s olive trees, refining cultivation and training methods. Correct aspecting, well-drained growing terrain and the right amount of water are key to success.

These characteristics are typical of the San Rocco hillside, where most of the estate’s own olive trees grow. Varieties that best adapt to this climate are Lake Garda’s native Leccino, Frantoio, Casaliva and Moraiolo.

The first step in producing quality olive oil begins with the right kind of training system being applied to the young tree. In this case, Oleum prefers a polyconical method, which allows three main branches to develop while ensuring that sunlight is sufficient to prevent blight and insect infestation. Training takes place in late March–early April. Flowering begins in mid-May and ends in late June, when the first olives begin to appear. Summer sun and heat nourish the tree and encourage olive growth so the harvest is fully ripe by mid-October. This is the moment known as veraison, when the olives change colour, turning from green to black, the sign that the olive is ripe and ready to be harvested. To obtain a fruitier, more fragrant EVO, Paolo and Michela prefer to harvest olives in mid- to late-October when ripening has begun but is not too far advanced. This is the only way to safeguard the oil’s sensory profile and ensure better flavour and fragrance.

After harvest, the olives are taken to the mill and processed within 24 hours. San Rocco Oleum prefers a modern mill for its olives, which works in continuous cycle and ensures high quality and hygiene standards. The oil is extracted by centrifugal force, a process which separates the small oil molecules from the pulp and core of the olive. This method is the best for obtaining premium extra virgin olive oil and safeguarding the integrity of fruit characteristics, for the best expression of aromas and taste.

The EVO produced is then filtered to eliminate impurities and suspended particles, before being stored in steel tanks, where it stays until it is bottled. These tanks are kept at constant temperature and sealed under nitrogen.

Before bottling, Paolo and Michela taste the olive oil and take it for sensory analysis by a tasting panel. Both are expert EVO tasters accredited by the official Brescia Chamber of Commerce panel.

Michela graduated with a thesis on olive oil that compared the costs and benefits of small quality productions compared to large-scale productions.

After chemical and sensory analysis to endorse a quality, defect-free product, San Rocco EVO is ready for market.


At 220 metres above sea level in the Garda hills, with Mediterranean microclimate


Casaliva – Frantoio – Leccino – Moraiolo


Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Garda Bresciano


0.500L PDO

0.750L Extra

1L Extra

3L Extra


Precious pottery jars thrown and decorated by hand

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