Sapiens Srl is a Company that designs, produces and markets various types of wood, whose philosophy can be ‘evolution to revolution products’.

We operate in the field of consulting for evolved materials for architecture and we suppliy general contractors and operators in the world of building and design.
There is a great awareness that focuses on the importance of the wooden raw material, whose fibre is shaped by fire, temperature and water.
Sapiens products are distinguished by their technological innovation and focus on sustainability, creating the perfect connection between nature and technology.
Our range is the best selection of advanced products for modern design applied to materials for indoor/outdoor use.
Our collections stand out for their uniqueness, thanks to the use of three types of treatments.
In the FIRESKIN treatment, available in the ARDES collection, the surface of the wood is burnt and the material acquires great durability.
The THERMO line is distinguished by the Thermo-treatment, which modifies the physical and chemical properties of ash with high temperature, giving class 1 strength and durability.
With the ACCOYA® collection, thanks to the acetylation process, the wood pore is modified and transformed, resulting in a ‘non-absorbent’ and bacteria-proof material also with class 1 durability.


Charred wood collection according to the ancient Japanese technique ‘Shou sugi ban’.
The patented ARDES DRY Hi-Tech range is characterised by an intense burn that makes the surface compact without crumbling, guaranteeing excellent durability for both indoor and outdoor applications, all in combination with colour treatments.|
In the ARDES FLAME range, the burn treatment is less intense, the wood grain is emphasised and different oil colours are proposed.


Sapiens is also the official manufacturer for ACCOYA®, the first acetylated wood.
The treatment consists of the molecular modification of a soft, reforested, fast-growing wood species with pure acetic anhydride to make it more stable and resistant over time. It is maintenance-free and has a durability of more than 50 years in outdoor cladding use.
We have developed a series of products made from this raw material, such as decking, facade claddings and exclusive decorative systems.


A collection of products made of heat-treated ash.
This wood species is known for its beautiful fibre and colouring as well as its durability.
In our range we offer the intelligent and practical system of laying in pre-assembled modules, which also makes this beautiful product easy to install.

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