Pop Caffè, the young espresso for every moment of the day

The land of Sicily is the home of Sim-fed, the company that owns the Pop Caffè brand, a specialist in the selection and roasting of coffee in pods and capsules for the normal trade channel. A family-run company that, starting in 1999 from the island, managed to conquer the whole peninsula, increasing its turnover in the last year.

The quality of Pop Caffè is felt in the cup. It comes from the choice of the best beans from plantations all over the world, from South East Asia to Central and South America, but what makes Pop Caffè unique is its personal roasting ‘designed’ by Andrea Eterno, Founder and CEO of the company that , after a careful and long research, he traced the perfect profile of his coffee given by the ideal balance of taste and aromatic notes. Pop Caffè offers 5 blends, intense, decisive, Arabica, creamy and deca, to accompany every moment of the day with intense pleasure.

Pop Caffè is the coffee brand that markets the widest range of capsules and pods compatible with the best coffee machines on the market, offering an excellent price-quality ratio. And to meet the different needs of consumers, new products are always added to the choice of blends in classic flavors, including soluble drinks such as Cioconocciola, Ciocomint, Creme Brulee and still other fun flavors. A pop world, young, fresh and innovative, in which you can recognize all those who love to color their day and want to enjoy an Italian espresso at home as in the bar!

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