The origins of our family are peasants since ever, with the historical evolution occurred in the ’70s the Bonaccini’s were able to detach themselves from the sharecropping that until that moment bound and repressed these changes and they started to plan and evolve independently as a farm.

The brothers Loreno and Antonio renewed the vineyards and the processing techniques,  the first children were born and, at the same time, they became more and more convinced that this company could represent a working opportunity for the whole family.

The youngest grew up breathing the passion and enthusiasm of their parents and making their own the teachings received. So they committed themselves to specialization or in-depth courses on certain topics, bringing a little touch of modernity and innovation without upsetting the course of Nature.

They began to never lose sight of the quality of the products, treating them with the love they deserve and with respect for the places, the environment and the historical tradition of the territory in which our family still operates. This ideal is the driving force behind our actions, so the children have thrown themselves into this story still renewing the viticulture with modern techniques and materials, aided by the use of machinery that allows the optimization of time.

Our olive groves have been cleaned up and have become a strong point of our company. The production of legumes has resumed and has evolved thanks to the use of small machinery that facilitate manual work.

In addition, thanks to the various types of breeding, poultry, rabbits and pigs, we carry on the tradition that has always distinguished us for the processing of meat in our farmhouse located within the company.

Our commitment to organic production is certified and controlled by the Associazione Suolo e Salute. Control Body authorized by DM MRAAF n°9697232-30.12.1996 in application of EEC regulation 2092/91. COMPANY CODE 6056T

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