Founded in 1992, our company has specialized in growing and drying vegetables from organic farming and with Protected Geographical Indication and process exclusively raw materials of Italian origin. We carefully select the raw materials and dehydrate them at very low temperature to preserve the nutritional values and organoleptic properties of fresh produce.

Drying or dehydration is the process of removing water from food without compromising its nutritional and organoleptic properties. If carried out at too high temperature, drying results in discoloration and a significant loss of properties and nutrients. This is why all the raw materials we process are dried at low temperature (25 to 28°C or 77 to 82°F).

In addition to the dehydrated vegetables in bulk that we supply as ingredients to food companies and the HORECA sector, we also produce and distribute some lines of packaged products for the retail trade (herbal shops, tea houses, drugstores, organic grocery stores).

The dehydrated vegetables we supply in bulk, available in pieces or powder, can be used to make instant rice, instant soups, instant noodles, instant couscous or other ready-to-cook products, to make pesto sauces, creams, bakery products such as bread, breadsticks, crackers, biscuits, cakes and noodles. They are also used as natural flavours or colouring in ice cream, beer and spirits, in the production of cheese, sausages and cured meat as well as to make herbal products and dietary supplements.

The packaged products for the retail trade distributed with our own brand include the original and patented vegetable broth in tea bags (Brodo mio), a line of teas made from vegetables (Tisane dell’Orto), a line of fruit teas and vegetable broths in tea bags for kids (Filtri magici) and a line of amazingly versatile, dried products, for easy and quick recipes (Gusto).

All our products are all natural and plant-based, contain no additives, no preservatives, no colouring and no artificial flavours, have no sugar and no salt added and are naturally gluten and lactose free. Our products are low in calories and suitable for everyone, including vegans, vegetarians and people with food intolerance or food allergy. They are made exclusively of plant-based raw materials dried at low temperature and are clean label.




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