At 500 meters above sea level, among the lush Calabrian hills, the Cote di Mezzo Agricultural Company was born in 2016 on the initiative of three farmers. Driven by the tradition that has linked their family to olive growing for almost a century, the three young partners decide to invest their future in this land. Tradition and innovation come together to give life to an oil that recalls the history and culture handed down for generations while maintaining a constant link with the present. 4500 centuries-old olive trees cultivated in the cradle of ancient Magna Graecia inspired the choiche of the name ” ARISTEO”.

According to Greek mythology, Poseidon and Athena challenged each other who offered the most useful gift to the people; the first offered the most powerful and fasted horse, while the second a new tree: the olive tree.

Zeus, king of the gods and judge of the competition, had no doubts about which gift was the most useful and awarded the victory to Athena. If Athena is credited with the birth of the first olive tree, it is in Aristeo, also known as the ” excellent god”, that the first cultivation and pressing of olives is traced back.

Like myths and legend, olive cultivation techniques have also been handed down from generation to generations, respecting the times that nature needs to the provide an extraordinary raw material.

On the other hand, the methods of processing and extracting the oil are modern, to ensure a finished  product of excellent quality but without ever interfering quality but without ever interfering with authenticity. 

The design of the bottle, essential and impactful, perfectly encapsulates this skilful mix of past and present.

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