ABOUT US Acqua Orsini was established in 2015 by local entrepreneurs and managers with a long experience in the Italian and International food and beverage sector. Orsini is the mineral water, Made in Puglia, that aims to build a sostenible and prestigious Brand capable of transmiting purity and quality values. Currently it is a part of the Sorgenti Italiane Regionali S.p.a Group, a step aimed at strengthening the Company’s equity and financial structure with the goal of supporting a growth plan. Sorgenti Italiane Regionali SPA represents a new and dynamic industrial reality which, through a process of acquisition and shareholdings, aims to build a new group in the beverage sector. The Group owns Acqua Orsini with a production plant in Poggiorsini (BA) in Puglia and has recently acquired the historic brand of Bologna, the company Acque Minerali Cerelia with the production plant in Vergato (BO).

THE TERROIR Acqua Orsini is born in Alta Murgia National Park in Poggiorsini, former residence of Orsini Princes, Dukes of Gravina in Puglia, one of the oldest and most aristocratic Papal Roman families. An uncontaminated territory, of rare beauty, natural and protected with a rich hydrogeological basin. 

OUR WATER Orsini mineral water through its standard fixed residue 301 mg/L, and low sodium content 0,001%, and a good dose of bicarbonate 225 mg/L, is classified “Oligomineral water”. All these values give to Orsini water a pleasant mouth taste, and a healthy value for sport.

TASTE & SUSTAINABILITY In continuity with the positioning of Artesan, Taste and Sustainability, Acqua Orsini presents itself on the international market as water with an appreciable taste on the palate due to its low sodium content and a good dose of bicarbonate.

BLACK & PLATINUM – PRODUCTS LINE The Black & Platimun Line is the perfect combination of taste and elegance. It is made up of PET (100% Recyclable) and extra-white glass formats dedicated to haute cuisine, with an essential and sustainable design. The Black & Platinum Line is available in two different formats of 75 cl and 27.5 cl for glass bottles, and in two other formats of 100 cl and 50 cl for Natural and Sparkling PET. Cartons (VAP) of 12 bottles for 75 cl and 24 bottles for 27.5 cl. For the PET line, plastic casings of 6 bottles are available for the 100 cl and 12 bottles for the 50 cl.


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