Starplast is specialized in innovative solutions for treatment and recovery of civil and industrial water. Our solutions are made of polyethylene (PE) with the rotational moulding technique, as a guarantee of non-toxic and high technical-mechanical and physical performance. Starplast works alongside companies, retailers and experts, providing design solutions, advice on the choice and installation of systems, for every kind of need. We are present in more than 10 countries, with fast and professional service and guarantee of certifications always aligned with all national and international regulations. Starplast was born in 2007 and immediately proposed itself in the rotational moulding market with innovative solutions for the treatment of waste water. Thanks to the highly innovative approach and the ability to take care of its products to the smallest details, Starplast established itself on the market by becoming soon a point of reference in the water treatment sector. The increase in turnover and customers goes in parallel with the strengthening of the workforce, which it has achieved today the important figure of 65 employees. The organizational structure is solid and covers all value processes, with a team of people for each company department, from logistics to the technical office to marketing. This allows us to be alongside the customer in every aspect, from moluds to production, to shipping and delivery. People are our strength and we invest continuously in their growth. The technical-commercial staff is highly qualified and in continuous training. All Starplast collaborators work with one goal: to ensure a fast and professional service to our customers and contribute personally to the respect of the environment. As a matter of fact, if suitable corrective measures will not be applied, by 2030 over 450 million people worldwide will live in areas periodically affected by ”water shocks”. A possible shortage of fresh water could affect over 5 billion people by 2050, i.e. the majority of world population. For this reason, at Starplast we have coined the motto “Save your blue gold”. All our commitment is aimed at the sustainable management of water resources and, more generally, at the research of solutions to contribute to protection of the environment. We have made this commitment since the beginning, adhering to the principles of the European Water Charter, and we continue making it every day, through the incessant study and research of solutions capable of saving e reusing fresh water.


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