Tecni Decor was founded in 2004 by Luca Storani after over ten years of experience in the dry construction sector at a local company. Right from the start, specializing in architectural and prestigious works, we focused on the interior finishes of villas, shops, etc. on the Italian national territory, subsequently also establishing international collaborations.

The continuous search for innovative materials has led us to direct ourselves towards textile architecture by inserting, shortly after the start of our business, the stretch ceiling-stretch wall system.

This type of false ceiling – wall, is made up of a PVC membrane available in many different textures and colors that are subsequently harpooned to specific perimeter profiles.

The textures, available in multiple colors and effects, are divided into:

1) Opaque to have a finish similar to a painted wall

2) Satin to have a more refined and enveloping finish

3) Translucent: Among the most requested, it allows to have a fully backlit ceiling or wall

4) Translucent Printed. With this technique you can create both ceiling and wall real hyper-realistic scenographies. One of these is the retractable double print system. During the day sky with clouds, in the evening when the lights are turned on this disappears and a wonderful starry sky takes over.

5) Lacquered: Elegant finish, thanks to the mirror reflection enhances furnishings, expanding the perception of spaces and increases laminosity.

6) Perforated: This type, associated with an insulating shock absorber placed inside the plenum, is addressed to those who have problems of sound absorption and correction of reverberations. The micro-perforation can be applied to both opaque, satin, lacquered and translucent membranes.

All textures are available in multiple colors!

TECNI DECOR also supplies on request its own high-power backlighting system specifically studied and designed for this type of ceiling / wall.

For over thirty years we have been putting enthusiasm, passion, dedication and seriousness into the work, which for us, by far, is the most beautiful in the world!


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