Tenuta Morgante is a brand with a clear and simple aim: rediscover the value and energy of flavours and scents of Southern Italy, tying them firmly in each passage to the territory of origin. Our products stand out for their simplicity and authenticity. The label communicates our essence: few primary and recognizable ingredients.

Our recent story is made by young people who promote transparency and food ethics with traditional recipes. After years of research and experimentation, we developed an assortment of about twenty products, all formulated with typical recipes from the Italian Mediterranean.

Selected raw materials from integrating farming by small local producers of the Southern Calabrian area where we are based (agronomically monitored by our food technologist); they are then processed in the laboratory exclusively with the recipes of our food technologist, who only employs natural methods for conservation, using natural fermentations to make the products stable and categorically excluding any type of preservative, additive, coloring or acidifying. The result is a very short label, where all the ingredients are recognizable by the consumer.

We do believe in the strength of fine and authentic taste, and our genuine tasting products are highly appreciated and acknowledged as appetizing, authentic and savoury.

We opted to present only commodities naturally available in the Calabrian region and the processing and transformation path sees us participating in all stages of food production, from the field to the table.

We supply delicatessen & gourmet shops, fine restaurants, cafes, specialty wineries, which share with us the passion for top quality artisanal and gastronomic productions.

Our mission is to improve our work and to satisfy our customers, bringing in the tables of the whole world the authentic and genuine taste of the real Made in Italy.



Export Manager Giorgia Pinton


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