VALENTINA SRL is a leather company that was born in Rimini, with over forty years of experience in this field, under the Oppito family.
The Valentina brand was born about 25 years ago, under the initiative of Mr. Giuseppe Oppito.
As of today, the management of the brand is taken care by his 3 sons Maria Elena, Cristina and Giovanni, who are meticulously managing with the support and the experience of its founder Mr. Oppito.
VALENTINA is a product that was fully created and developed in Italy; every single bag is analyzed and designed to reach the final consumer, to the woman and her daily routine.
Our bags fit perfectly as soon as they are worn, by revealing themselves a true ally during the daily lives of our women.
Their intention is not only to excellently satisfy the practical women needs, but mostly to communicate with them through a color, a kind of shape or throughout a message.
We think about women in their beauty and with the need to manage home, family, work and free time (not much, but essential).
With our brand, we speak to SIMPLE women, but very SPECIAL. Through our products, we want to convey to women, courage and freedom at the same time.
Our both nationwide and international experience allowed us to specialize ourselves in a versatile product suitable also to a quick sale.
The VALENTINA bags must deliver precise criteria such TREND, SHAPE, PRACTICALITY and QUALITY. What distinguish our bags from others is the leather, carefully selected in best tanning industries in Italy.
We constantly have available a warehouse fully furnished with current colors and models, to provide on a daily basis our nationwide clientele represented primarily by stores located in the most famous Italian touristic locations, with a strong International presence.
The VALENTINA product is designed for an International and mixed clientele, aiming to a great taste and to a variety of needs. Our product already exists on the American territory since over 25 years, with the sole recognition of being versatile and charismatic.
The VALENTINA company differentiates from others because of its fast manufacture of new products and mostly for its availability to collaborate with their own clients.

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