Why Varvel?

Made in Italy
• ITALIAN PRODUCTION > Varvel products are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy in the factory in Valsamoggia (Bologna).
• SHORT SUPPLY CHAIN > A short and flexible supply chain with suppliers located mainly in the same region means being able to control activities directly and ensure reliable supplies.
• HISTORICAL TRADEMARK OF NATIONAL INTEREST > The Varvel brand is a “Historical Trademark of National Interest,” a title reserved for companies that have been on the market for at least 50 years.

• ASSEMBLY KITS > The entire Varvel product range is built on the modular assembly kit principle. Having an array of kits means being able to make various gearboxes with different reduction ratios and numerous output and input solutions.
• SAVINGS FOR END CUSTOMERS > Easy sourcing of kits and simple maintenance ensures cost savings for end customers.
• SAVINGS FOR DISTRIBUTORS > The modular system principle means that distributors can save from 50 to 60% compared to non-modular solutions given an equivalent numbers of combinations.
• VARVEL ELASTIC COUPLING > The Varvel elastic coupling connection system between gearbox and motor is a flexible solution. More than one hundred types of motor flanges can be used to interface various types of motors with the same gearbox by changing only the attachment flange.

Application studies
• CUSTOMIZATION > Varvel also designs customized solutions: 20% of the gearboxes have first-tier customizations; 7% are co-designed with the customer.
• RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT > With its in-house R&D department, Varvel guarantees great customization possibilities and comprehensive support for all products.
• LARGE OR SMALL BATCHES > The Varvel team is always on hand to provide answers to the customers’ most diverse needs for large production runs or small batches alike.

Worm range
• WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS > Our range of worm gearmotors and gearboxes is the biggest on the market: 120 combinations for torque up to 3,000 Nm at 1400 rpm.
• ONE INTERLOCUTOR > Having a complete range of products means that customers can rely on one partner to optimize production solutions and economic resources.
• LOW BACKLASH > All Varvel gearboxes have reduced backlash as a standard feature. This means more accuracy for each machine on which they are installed.
• NO MORE OIL LEAKAGE > All standard speed reducers are equipped with Freudenberg sealing rings as standard feature to ensure the best product reliability.


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