Colibrì•Bag is an italian genuine leather accessories’ brand, characterized by essentials lines and iconic colorful feather which partners every bag and backpack.

The brand was founded in 2017 by Jessica Gregorio e Daniela Comi, two visual merchandiser who challenged the retail world betting on their own ecommerce against those physical stores that they used to set up.

First the direct sale using the social network Instagram, then gradually the expansion through the ecommerce site and innovative digital marketing strategies.

Touch point between past and the present: the quality of each products. The softness of the leather, the unmistakable aroma and the brightness of the colours.

The craftmanship is guaranteed by Mastro Nicola’s expert hands. In his laboratory he handles with care and love every Colibrì•Bag product.

Last but not least there’s to mention the strongest power for the brand: the community. The Colibrì•Girls are the real basis on which is found the project. They’re the ones who believe in future with infectious laugh, the ones who prefer sleeping in a tent under the sky than a five stars hotel. They’re the ones who sing out loud in car, the ones always ready to go on a trip, those who every day is an adventure. They’re the ones who explore the world whit a backpack and never stand still for a moment. They’re the ones who “Happy is better than perfect”… But they’re also perfect.

Being a Colibrì•Girl is a new way of living, ours.



Export Manager DANIELA COMI


Representative Office