Wave Chemical Solutions wants to be your reliable partner in the field of hygiene, thanks to the quality of its products and services.


Wave Chemical Solutions offers innovative and excellent chemical products, designed to be used in the hygiene World, with a specific focus on the food production chain and its applications.

All Wave products are built on our own formulas, they undergo a long testing period in our research laboratory and only after that, they are prepared and packaged in our production plant of Cusago (Milan), which is certificated with the highest quality standards (as ISO 9001:2015).

Flexibility, efficiency and speed are the key points the company is built on: we can create a tailor-made solution for all of our Partners, with the most suitable products and advanced sanitization systems. We can guarantee one of the best reaction times in the market.

We have the ambitious goal to offer the most efficient solutions for your company about cleaning and sanitization, sharing with all our customers the technical background that we have, which rely on a decade of experience in the field.

Wave Chemical Solutions fights for a more sustainable world, as it constantly tries to reduce the environmental impact of its entire production chain, offering greener and greener solutions every day and creating personalized programs for the rationalization of water and chemical consumptions, including a full range of Ecolabel Certified Products.

Dedicated products and customized programs are created to satisfy all our Partner’s needs; they are used in the following main fields of application:

  • Sanitization of food preparation and handling areas, both in the food industry and in mass market retail;
  • Sanitization of food slaughtering and processing areas;
  • Sanitization of fish processing areas;
  • Sanitization of dairy industry machineries and areas;
  • Sanitization of production plants for pastries, ice-creams and oven products;
  • Sanitization of production plants for beverage;
  • Sanification of restaurants, hotels, catering machineries and areas;
  • Sanitization in the zootechnical production chain.


  • Foam washes and disinfection of open surfaces;
  • Innovative sanitization systems, both enzymatic and bacterial-enzymatic;
  • Cleaning in place for closed machineries;
  • Removal of colored pigments from vegetable manufacturing lines;
  • Low environmental impact products.


And more, up on the requests of our Partners.

We are always ready to find new solutions for your needs.


Export Manager ANDREA FARINA


Representative Office