The history of Gilda Tonelli brand goes back to the beginning of the previous century, when the Tonelli family began to produce their first leather goods in a small handicraft workshop.

In the year 1979, three Tonelli brothers, united by the passion and talent to leathercraft, founded a handicraft factory to manufacture leather goods. Tonelli products were extremely successful in respect to leather accessories, and as years went by the factory grew and ramped up production.

Later, in 1988, the factory enters the international arena and presents its goods at international exhibitions; its Made in Italy products are gradually becoming popular all around the globe.

Design and handicraft culture

When manufacturing its products, the factory lays the main emphasis on: conducting research and implementing innovative technologies, carefully choosing the utilized materials and unique Made in Italy design.

The products of Tonelli factory are the result of creative thinking of Italian designers and long diligent work of the craftsmen possessing traditionally Italian secret techniques of making shoes and bags, which have been passed down for generations. The combination of handicraft and detail processing using the modern technology intensive equipment is a signature feature of Gilda Tonelli creations.

Guinness World Record – The largest bag in the world

The brand is especially proud of producing the largest bag in the world in 2002, which was awarded the Guinness certificate and was included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The bag’s size is really incredible: it is 4.1 meters high, 3.55 meters long and 1.2 meters wide. The bag is completely handmade by Italian leathercrafters. The Queen of the handbags is realized in brown leather with crocodile embossment. This bag weighs 500 kg!

Considering that the bags by Gilda Tonelli brand can be characterized as luxury products, are made of genuine high-quality leather only, satisfy all requirements of the customers, who prefer to have not just convenient, but at the same time magnificent accessories designed in various styles – from casual to sophisticated – one shouldn’t find it surprising that the Guinness Records bag has reproduced every – even the tiniest – detail identical to a real woman’s bag.

Gilda Tonelli specialists are the top-class professionals that possess all the old Italian secret techniques and procedures of making bags, which can be taught only to the most trusted disciples who have decided to comprehend Italian leathercraft.

For this very reason the largest bag in the world by Gilda Tonelli has proved to be such a great success. It reflects the style and quality of Made in Italy bags.


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