We are an Italian company, and we produce one of the most important foods of our tradition that conquered the whole world: pasta.  Our pasta is made of gluten-free flour from pulses and grains, is organic and vegan, and is available in a wide range of shapes.

Our mission is to offer a new way to enjoy it where the combination of flavors and wellbeing originates from the perfect synergy between tradition and innovation.

An innovation that has always been present in the heart of the Italian gastronomy tradition: pulses, rich in flavor and proteins, are variously combined with wholewheat flours of rice and other grains to create an innovative and tasty product.

The careful choice of raw materials makes our pasta the protagonist of a balanced diet in continuous development.

All the naturalness of legumes reaches the table with the flavors and colors of an appetizing and healthy first course:  a powerful combo of nutritional elements that satiate and make the palate happy, also guaranteeing to vegetarians and vegans a correct quantity of proteins

Grains were among the first plants to be cultivated by humans who, since ancient times, understood their importance for the human diet and their versatility.  The following edible parts are obtained from the fruit: the endosperm (rich in starch), germ (rich in good fats), and the bran (rich in dietary fibers).

Superfoods are foods that, according to some studies, have beneficial effects on our wellbeing: they positively affect one or more physiological functions and help to decrease the risk of developing diseases related to a particular type of diet.

Thanks to their high protein content, our pasta is ideal for athletes; they are organic, vegan, gluten-free, and Kosher certified.

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